7 February 2012

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Perfecting Creme

I'm always hesitant when using products on dry hair; many are heavy and if you use even the tiniest bit too much you are left with a grease ball of hair for the rest of the day.

Because I bleach the ends of my hair, they are dry, limp and there are more split ends than fully intact ones so this is a perfect product for hair like mine; I get through almost a bottle of conditioner a week (a combination of OCD hair washing every day and the massive amount that I use).

Frizz-Ease Perfecting Creme*
The Perfecting Creme is supposed to tame frizz and smooth dry ends whilst nourishing them with natural oils that you lose through blow-drying (one thing I can say I don't ever do, au natural drying is the way forward) and the everyday stresses of the weather.

The creme has a light fragrance; I don't know how to describe it but it smells pretty great. You take a pea size amount (or two peas if you have the mass of hair that I do), rub it into your palms and work them through your hair, concentrating on the ends and giving it a smooth glossy finish. It doesn't weigh down your hair at all and dries quickly.

My hair isn't frizzy so I'm not sure how well it subsides any frizziness but the end result is a definite improvement on the moisture of the ends of my hair and the glossiness. It lasts for around half a day so you could carry it around and top it up but I wouldn't bother personally.

The cream costs £5.49 for 100ml, which isn't unreasonable. I don't think I would buy this after my tube runs out as it is a bit of a luxury that my straight locks don't have much need for, no matter how good it leaves my hair smelling.
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