12 February 2012

I buy stuff #6

New York Fashion Week kicked off on Wednesday and what varied offerings for AW12 have been seen so far. Jason Wu revealed military style coats and dresses; olive green and maroon being focal colours. Alexander Wang brought understated sexy to the catwalk; focusing on outerwear, leather and structured looseness (I promise that makes sense). The return of androgyny, contrast sleeves and collars was apparent at Tibi. As I'm writing this up, Victoria Beckham is kicking off. I'm interested to see what her collection is like this season as the last few have been so varied.

As for London Fashion Week, I am currently scouring old show reports, writing up notes and freaking out! I don't think I have ever been so nervous. Only 4 days to go.

This isn't exactly what I bought this week as I had a bit of a panic (me, panic? Never.)...it was one of those whiny girl moments where I looked at my over-flowing wardrobe yet still screamed I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR. So, I did the obvious and went out and blew even more money on clothes for LFW that I do not need, but you'll have to wait till Friday for those. I bet you can't contain your excitement...

Gold disco shorts: American Apparel. £45. Velvet creepers. ASOS. £25.
Rucksack: Urban Outfitters. £45 reduced to £10 (wooooo)

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