16 February 2012

Electric Tees launch party

Last week saw the launch of Electric Tees; a fresh label that is creating a stir as something more unique than your generic printed T-shirt.

The bright graphics are printed onto T-shirts, bodies and vest tops. The designs are bold and outlandish (in a good way obviously) with a vast colour palette.

The brand has a pretty specific girl in mind, she "Parties in the rain at Glastonbury. Dives into Ibiza's morning ocean. Dances under a Hawaiian waterfall. If she were a drink she would be a shot, an emotion she'd be fun."

The launch party itself was eccentric. Girls with fantastic bodies paraded around the showroom, showing off various bits of clothing. We ate mini portions of fish and chips, cupcakes and strawberries dipped in chocolate. We drank electric blue cocktails; I have no idea what was in them but lets just say that by the end of my first and only one I was having a little trouble speaking coherently.

We left in the snow, which was such a treat. Snow in your hair is always more amusing when you've got an alcohol blanket keeping you warm.

Electric Tee's will be available early Summer this year. For more information visit their website. 
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