24 January 2012

YSL Touch Eclat.

Touche Eclat

So apparently Touche Eclat is supposed to be used as a highlighter and not a concealer. Who knew?

It is supposde to reduce dark circles, such as those under your eyes and it is the best selling product that claims to do so but I'm personally not buying that (and wish I hadn't bothered frittering away the £24.50 that it cost). It does a little of what it claims to do and nothing more than you might get from any other under-eye cover ups for a lot less money.

If packaging is your thing, then maybe Touche Eclat will work for you. The black push button at the end of the stick pumps the product out of a applicator brush, which is smart and very tidy. You do however need to use another brush on top, as the finishing effect with the applicator brush didn't spread the product smoothly enough onto the dark circles under my eyelids.

Clever packaging isn't really enough for me and it is safe to say I won't be frittering away my tight student budget on this cleverly marketed, yet pretty shit product again. Why the product is listed under the 'concealer' section of most beauty websites has left me confused. Surely that is false marketing?

If you do want to buy YSL's Touche Eclat, it can be purchased from most beauty retailers such as House of Fraser
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