15 January 2012

I buy stuff #2

The more sane side of my personality feels uneasy admitting my consumerist ways, but here it is again. I work to shop like I eat to live. It makes me happy (yes I am that materialistic and shallow - and what?).

I've gone from owning no jeans to owning a couple of pairs in a couple of weeks. I forgot how easy it is to chuck on a jumper and some jeans.  I got some pretty good bargains in the Urban Outfitters sale. I am aware that I slated the sales last week and that makes me a hypocrite (my childhood dream is now accomplished).

Urbanears. £50
Top: BDG. Was £22 reduced to £5. Jeans: Topshop. £40. 
ecote. £25 reduced to £5.

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