8 January 2012

I buy stuff #1

New Year, a few new features. My student loan and wages get frittered on clothes, shoes and alcohol (if I'm lucky it even goes on food). I've had emails in the past asking me what I've bought recently, and I needed a new feature idea, so here we are. And now you can all see what I (waste/) spend my money on every few weeks. The amount I buy is likely to deplete nearer to the end of term, as the end of term always correlates with having no spare cash.

This week I went a bit Topshop crazy and ended up spending most of my Christmas pennies...

Millie x

1. Topshop. Supersoft leigh jeans in black. £38. 2. "          ". Tiger print jumper. £28. 3. "          ". Contrast dress. £46. 4. "          ". Chiffon shirt. £36. 5. American Apparel. Salt n pepper hoody. £42.

Moleskin. 2012 diary. £13.50.

ASOS. Venice lace up platform. £30.

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