18 January 2012

Topshop SS12 crackle nails.

Wallstreet*. Frosty*. Gold Digger*.

This is what happens when you leave two nail varnishes whores to play around with Topshop crackle varnishes. I'm uncertain as of when I became so obsessed with multi-coloured, special effect nails but it is safe to say it has changed my life for the better. But seriously, I couldn't be more amazed by the new Topshop crackle varnishes.

Wallstreet crackle*

Wallstreet crackle*

We prepared our nails with a base coat - I always pick China Glaze for such critical business. Then we painted over glossy varnishes in various colours. For the Topshop crackle, the glossier the varnish the better, as when I tried it with a matt colour, the cracks formed weren't so enthusiastically cracky. You could, of course, always use a top coat and then apply the crackle varnish on top of that (although four layers of varnish might be bordering on excessive).

The crackle is a thick varnish and you only need a thin layer to create the effect. It is so simple...even an unsteady hand could manage this one. You simply swipe the varnish over the two (dry) base coats and let the crackle appear before your eyes.

Gold Digger* and Frosty crackle*.

Gold Digger* and Frosty crackle*.

The Topshop crackles are a big hit for me, based on the colours they offer and the matt finish of the crackle varnish, even with the metallic crackles.

The crackle varnishes retail at £6. They are available in-store or online now.

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