27 January 2012

Kipling's 25th Anniversary party.

Last night I was invited down to Kipling's 25th Anniversary party at The Hospital club to hang out with some cool kids and to check out their new project with 8 world-renowned artists. 

We arrived and were greeted with a mouth-watering cocktail to wet our palettes. We slowly perused the 'Play with Bags' images; each was unique and vibrant. Rankin's image was the one to catch my eye immediately. A model with her back to the camera provocatively, donning red-hot American Apparel disco pants.  

We nibbled on mini burgers and waffles with melted belgian chocolate ('nibbled' makes it sound somewhat more elegant than it really was but I was hungry and someone had to eat them). We danced to classic tunes provided by Sunday Girl.

We met some captivating people; journos from glossy mags and TV producers who conversed about where they might put a giant monkey on display in their abode if given the chance. The usual celebs were in attendance; some of the Made In Chelsea cast and Dirty Sexy Things cast (although on opposite sides of the room, obviously). Charlotte de Carle looked sensational and effortless as always. 

We appreciated the photos (and one hell of an afro), drank too much strawberry beer and left with goody bags in tow...all in all, the party was a lot of fun.

Thanks to Kipling and Surgery PR for a fantastic evening.
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