11 January 2012

Beauty review #2: Clinque liquid facial soap.

Your skin is one of the things that it is imperative to splurge on. I have combination skin, with a hint of dryness around small areas of my cheeks. Finding cleansers and wipes that I can use is more complicated that it should be. Some cause breakouts and others dry my skin out.

Clinique's Liquid Facial soap was bought for me for Christmas and I don't think I could ever look back.  The soap is so gentle - it has no scent and is hypoallergenic. It cleanses well and leaves my T-Zone oil-free and my cheeks soft and moisturised. However, whilst it may help clear up the odd spot, this is probably not the correct cleanser for anyone suffering from acne, as it isn't meant for fighting extremely spot-prone skin.

The pump bottle's convenience can't be faulted either. It stays in my shower where I use it day and night.

The cleanser is expensive but it isn't your everyday cleanser - it will really help you take care of your skin.

The Clinque Liquid Facial Soap costs £12 and is available online at Clinque.
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