4 January 2012

Beauty review #1: Stila Stay All Day waterproof eyeliner

Never have I come across an eyeliner that doesn't smudge, wear-off, or just generally migrate south under your eyelids, making it look like you're sporting the beginning of an agressive black eye.

So, I've obviously spent years trying to find that one sacred liquid eyeliner that stays where you put it throughout the day. I've finally found it, with a little help from the girls at Modus. At their SS12 press day, one of the beauty PR ladies gave me a demo with a Stila eyeliner line on her hand. She rubbed at it. She licked it (which was obviously quite comical). She told me how it had been there all day. I was shocked.

I patiently waited for Father Christmas (aka my trusty mother) to bring me some before I tried it out myself. The fine felt-tip enables the easiest of applications. Although switching from my MAC fat liner marker did take some getting used to and it took me several attempts to get the perfect line and wing.

It really does stay all day - I used it whilst skiing and my eyes watered from the cold, yet my perfectly winged eyelids were still there upon my arrival home.

It may sound obvious, but it defines your eyes really well (trust me I have used some that leave you longing for more). There is no skipping (where the felt-tip/brush takes some off some of what you are putting on, leaving odd lines of eyelid that can be seen).

It isn't too expensive either. The eyeliner retails for £13 in the UK, which falls into the middle market for eyeliners and is definitely a fair price for the job it does.

The eyeliner comes in three shades and is available for purchase at Harvey Nichols and online at Beauty ExpertASOS and Boots.
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