15 December 2011

OnePiece launch @ Shoreditch House

Last week saw the launch of the hip new brand OnePiece at Shoreditch House. Guests were invited to "dance like a lunatic, drink like a viking and don a OnePiece", all of which I can safely say we did successfully.

OnePiece was created Henrik, Knut and Thomas, three Norwegians in their twenties, whilst severely hanging one Sunday morning back in 2007. Their fame apparently first came about from a few bloggers sharing their love for OnePiece with the world, spiralling other bloggers to cast their hate on the brand - the debate began and the brand become more and more renowned.

The mass minor celebrity crew are now donning their OnePieces, helping the brand become even more popular. At at least £120 a pop, the lazy-day wear doesn't come cheap. 

Anyway, back to the best bit...the party. I joined a horrible amount of beautiful people to celebrate the brand's launch. We chilled on the roof of Shoreditch house and enjoyed cocktails, wine and beer (less beer, more cocktails for me). 

Soph & me. Some fairly average-looking boys from Storm....(just in case you don't get sarcasm, I'm joking)

We listened to some great DJs including Jesse Burgess, Fin Munro and Nat Weller. We casually bumped into the likes of Simon Astell and Jay Camilleri and spent the night dancing with some beautiful Storm models, in a big babygro. If that isn't your kind of party, I don't know what could be...

Jay Camilleri havin' it large on the dancefloor. (c) OnePiece.com

(c) OnePiece.com
We had fun...(c) OnePiece.com
Visit the OnePiece website and buy yours online here.
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