3 December 2011

New Artists exhibition @ Maggs Bookshop.

Maggs bookshop, renowned for being the most haunted building in London, is home to the New Artists (NA) exhibition until 5th December. I was invited down to the private viewing of the inaugural effort from NA.

NA aims to promote accessibility and playfulness - art should be found not only in museums, galleries and wealthy homes but also in unorthodox and evocative spaces. Maggs bookshop certainly fitted the criteria to host the artworks of Richie culver and Shorvon and Hunter in the counterculture section amongst William Burroughs photographs and occult paraphernalia. 

Phasmobia - Shorvon and Hunter 

Heads in Hands - Richie Culver
Shorvon and Hunter had also put together unrestricted Facebook data in the form of 40 Top Trump's playing cards. This was my favourite piece of work in the exhibition. It turns out that I forgot to take a photo so I guess you will just have to head down to Berkley Square and take a look for yourselves.

The event was extremely popular and ram-packed from wall to wall with creative sorts. Unfortunately the bar was in the garden, and Sod's law meant it was raining. Nevertheless, we had some funny moments with umbrellas being intertwined (who knew that opening your umbrella into someone else's face could be such a conversation starter).

Me and my gorgeous +1s Sophie and Sarah.
We then headed to the after party at Le Baron but as the signs inside say, what happens inside, stays inside. So even if I wanted to share photos of the sensational venue, Jack Penate djing or just the general hilarity of some people's dance moves (ours included), I'm afraid I wasn't allowed to take any...

New Artists featuring Ritchie Culver, and Shorvon and Hunter runs at Maggs Gallery, 50 Berkeley Square, 2-5 December. Entrance is free.
Saz Thomas said...

happ gals. good review. pretty positive about the rain/bar situation and the locked in position with the strange older men. LUV IT. x

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