11 December 2011

James Blake @ The HMV Forum.

James Blake at The HMV Forum.

Ever since my (irritatingly) music-forward boyfriend introduced me to James Blake back in 2010, when CMYK was first released, I have been anticipating the moment that I would see him live. I first saw him perform in Manchester last weekend and then, seeing as I am either stupidly keen or a total stalker, I managed to grab a few tickets from eBay for his performance at the HMV Forum the following Wednesday. 

The fresh post-dubstep sound of his debut album, self-titled James Blake, only gets better live. His voice, along with much heavier bass than the record, resonates through you. You feel your heart palpitate. Your entire body vibrates with the music; all created by Blake simply sitting, singing and playing his keyboard, emotive and raw. 

His music career hasn't been as big a success as it maybe should have been. He was nominated for various awards last year, yet none came through. He has had some mediocre reviews. None of his singles have made the top ten, but since when has good music been about being popular? The HMV Forum was ram-packed full of people whose eyes lit up when Blake began to sing. I think if I was a musician that would be the most important thing to me; a strong following of loyal fans who simply love you for what you do and not because you are well-known (and repeatedly shovel out shit like many 'artists' do these days).

I did try to upload a couple of videos but between YouTube and Blogger something went very wrong...
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