16 October 2011

Rankin launches The Hunger.

World-renowned photographer Rankin has captured the essence of everyone from Blur to Kate Moss. He has shot campaigns for Oxfam and Women's Aid. He has photographed covers for German Vogue, GQ and many, many more. Just when you thought you couldn't get any better from Rankin, he decides to self-publish a biannual fashion magazine.

(c) Rankin.

Rankin was always going to go far after he co-founded Dazed & Confused, along side Jefferson Hack (who I am stupidly proud to say studied my course). If you have never heard of Dazed & Confused you have should probably stop reading now, and run out to buy the magazine, which was one of the most iconic in the 90s and has held its value within the magazine industry ever since.

The Hunger, which launches tomorrow, is going to have a refreshing stance towards fashion. Honestly, I wouldn't have expected anything less from Rankin. The magazine is going to break the monotonous trend cycle focus, embracing the current and capturing the abstract. The Hunger is going to include beautiful photos, of beautiful people, who have enhanced all aspects of their own field, and all shot by Rankin himself.  

Portia Freeman. (c) Rankin.
Not only will The Hunger offer a peripheral vision of fashion, it is going to offer original editorial content about art, technology, comedy, travel, literature, world affairs and entertainment. I don't know about you but I am really bloody excited.

Terence Stamp. (c) Rankin.
The Hunger and The Hunger Tv both launch on November 17. Visit www.thehungertv.com or www.rankin.com for more information.

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