12 October 2011

Olivia Palermo launches 'own blog'.

It's rare that anyone can find anything about Olivia Palermo that can be criticised; she is over-whelmingly beautiful; she is the epitome of good style; she gets more fashion week invites for the month then I bet I will ever receive in a life time. That was until yesterday, when Olivia's style blog finally hit the internet.

I was excited. An insight into Miss Palermo's wardrobe, shown to the world along with her own voice. I quickly typed in the web address. I was utterly disappointed. The first thing I noticed was the 'Staff' list that runs down the right hand side. 

'I have 15 writers working with me and they all came from Harvard so they can write very well–I got lucky.' said Palermo. Her team later clarified that some of the writers are actually Yale and Stanford graduates, or just 'great journalism/fashion talent'.

She is an 'it' girl yet she doesn't have the time to write her own blog. She gets sent beautiful clothes and puts them together well but at the end of the day, what does she really do? Even her minions can't manage to get it right, it’s actually spelt Stubbs & Wootton not ‘Wooten’. 

Obviously the blog will be hugely successful due to its namesake. That doesn't however excuse the poor spelling and a massive lack of input on Olivia's behalf. Every post should be written by her, not '', as Liberty London Girl put it so nicely.

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