21 October 2011

Oasis VIP blogger event.

On Wednesday evening, other fellow fashion bloggers and I headed down to Regent Street, to the Oasis' press office (which happened to be Karen Millen's old apartment), to celebrate the opening of their new Argyll Street store.

It is always a bit daunting turning up to these events without a plus one but this one was a doddle. The Oasis PR team were the most friendly and lovely PR girls that I've met in a while. 

I soon met other fashion bloggers and we chatted about our blogs, hobbies etc. We ate mini Lola's cupcakes and pink macaroons whilst sipping on small bottles of rosé through straws. 

Amelia Kanaris from ameliafashionland.blogspot.com.
Clara Wood from 
clazzerati.blogspot.com and me.

We got to go upstairs and play dress up, trying on clothes from the new AW11 collection and having our photo taken. You won't be surprised to hear that I opted out of that part!

Then, to end the evening we went to look around the bright, new Oasis store (which I had already visited the day before due to my shopping addiction). 

The store is sumptuous. Everything about it feels luxurious. There are iPads scattered around so you can have a casual browse online whilst waiting for a friend, sitting on the glorious sofa in the fitting room. The fitting room itself is a marvel to behold; opulent fabric hides the (absolutely huge) fitting rooms from ceiling to floor. The fabric is heavy and personally made me feel like you are in a higher end fashion store. In the new Oasis store, the girls are polite and ready to help wherever possible. The new store is certainly a delight to shop in. 

We received fabulous goody bags and said our goodbyes after what was a wonderful evening.

Many thanks to the Oasis PR team. The new Oasis Argyll store is now open.

Eve Maria said...

iPads for customers to browse? Sound amazing, the bf hates waiting when I'm changing but I think that would change his mind!

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