8 October 2011

Nails inc. bloggers event.

On Wednesday evening I made my way to the nails inc. salon, just behind Bond Street tube station. 29 other bloggers and I, were invited to enjoy a magnetic manicure and a great Q&A session with Thea Green from nails inc. 

I happened to be the first blogger to arrive and was greeted with champagne, mini Lola's cupcakes and a short tour around the magnificent salon. The white-washed wall salon is small but cosy. iPads are scattered around upstairs so you can enjoy browsing the internet, individual music or even just catch up on the news whilst you are having your sumptuous treatment.

The top floor of the salon
Once everyone else arrived, we mingled for a while and I met some truly fantastic and successful bloggers - if anything I felt like a bit of a fraud! We gathered around to hear Thea talk about the new, revolutionary magnetic polish.

So what is magnetic polish? I know what you are thinking but no, it doesn't mean you are going to suddenly be attracted to the nearest metal object. The nail varnish has been specially developed with metal particles and as a magnetic is held over wet nail varnish, these particles gravitate towards the magnet creating a unique pattern.

We then all jumped aboard for our manicure. Watching the nail technicians carry out the magnetic nail procedure was fascinating.

Blogger HellCandy's nails
Woozy on champagne and cake, and with stunning manicures, we went to leave the salon after a fabulous evening, only to be presented with a goody bag of 22 nails inc. polishes! However, these will be put to good use, as we have all been asked to design a nail pattern as part of a blogger competition which I mentioned in my previous post.

The new magnetic nail polish is certainly looking to be the next new nail craze. Another fantastic thing about the polish is that for every one polish sold, £1 goes towards the Princes' Trust.

Magnetic nails inc. nail polish is available to buy online now.
beautygeeek, Lola said...

was lovely to meet you last week. your nails look fab! good luck with the competion hon xx

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