Esquire at the Royal Exchange.

The Royal Exchange

Who doesn't love a good martini? Me and my +1 Felix.
Top: some party goers. I failed to catch their names!
Bottom: Felix mingling with Emma Parsons and Laura Waite.
Felix and other party goers listening tentatively to the speech.
Top: Me enjoying one of several martinis.
Bottom: Felix getting cosy with the Laird & Co Hatters man.
Top: If I'm going to succeed in this business I had better start writing down names...
Bottom: Felix playing a duet with the pianist - what a treat!
Home time! Goody bag in hand - the boyfriend's in for a treat!

What a gorgeous evening in breath-taking surroundings. The drinks flowed, the canapes were exquisite and the vast array of people was wonderful; it was so fantastic to be invited to an event where there were people from so many various professions. 

Thanks so much to Esquire magazine for having us. 


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