9 September 2011

Liberty Diary: Week One.

Day 1

My first day at Liberty was an induction and what a thorough induction it was. There were sales associates, other interns, managers and concession staff. It was such a lovely touch to have an induction with people who are actually on the pay role; as an intern, I have found, you are usually plunged head in first into tasks you know nothing about after being given a half-hearted 2 minute tour around the office.

The funniest part of the day was getting our photos taken for our staff cards, which also act as our discount cards. Yes you did read that correctly, I GET DISCOUNT (a little bit too excited, sorry). We were told to pose in front of the camera, “Give it a side angle, blah, blah, blah”. I was first up and obviously did nothing of the sort. So, for comical effect, the guy taking our photos zoomed in on my face. Mmmm, I love a good close up. Especially this one where I look like nothing other than a total creep! 

Real work starts tomorrow and I can’t wait. I met the lovely Chloe and Sophie who will be looking after me and there are also two other press interns, which is exciting!

Day 2

Today was my real first day in the office. I met the one of the other interns Guilia who is Italian and has spent the last two months at Libs (Obvs I’m loving the nickname). The other intern Katherine is part-time so I was told I would meet her tomorrow.

I got showed the ropes of how everything works. The job of the press interns is to sift through the ridiculous amount of emails that the press office gets and find the ones requesting loan items or picture requests. Libs loans a lot of items to various magazines and journalists and then get credited in the magazine when it is printed which leads to higher sales.

We have to locate the item on the shop floor or in our samples and then fill out lots of paperwork and have a few different managers sign things out of the store. We then get it shipped. It doesn’t sound all that exciting but it isn’t bad at all. I got to meet so many new people on the shop floor today and spent a lot of time out of the office, trying to locate my way around the maze that is Liberty’s back corridors.

I left the office for the NYLA party and now at 1.30am I think it might be my bedtime, especially seeing as I have to be up in 6 hours!

Day 3

I met Katherine today. She is so helpful! She took me through things really thoroughly so by the end of the day I had become pretty confident with most of the tasks we have to do. I feel kind of proud about this; if you saw the computer programs we have to use, with all the weird different codes, and the different bits of paper work we have to fill out, you would do to – trust me.

On my lunch beak I decided to have a quick glance over Wonderland Sept/Oct and what a lovely surprise it was to see my name on the masthead page. I quickly went and bought one to keep forever! Call me sad but I got very excited.

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Day 4

Today was busy. We had a big call in for a Vogue US shoot and had a lot of various things sent back which needed sorting out and putting back.

Sophie, the press officer who is officially looking after me, had a personal shoot with elle.com today and she wore a gorgeous Hermione de Paula dress – if you have heard of her, then google her. Her designs are pretty eccentric.

The store was turned in Hotel Honolulu, which saw the likes of Lulu Kennedy and Henry Holland drinking its sumptuous coconut cocktails.

Southeastern definitely cocked up on the way home (for the second time this week) and my train took an hour and a half instead of an hour!

Day 5

Wahoo it’s the weekend. The week has flown by! I’ve learnt so much already about how press offices work. It certainly is a massive change from working at a magazine. No more commuting for me as moving back to London tomorrow! Instead of having to wake up at 7.30, I can wake up at 9am every morning to get into the office for 10am (yes, I do get ready ridiculously fast)! It is the simple things in life like an extra hour and a half in bed that can be the most pleasurable. 

Have a good weekend!

Millie x
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