8 September 2011

John Galliano: guilty as charged.

The day came today for John Galliano, the British Designer and ex-Dior employee, to face his fate at the hand of the Paris courts today. Of course he didn't actually turn up to face the sentence though.

Galliano was found guilty of anti-semantic rants, which took place in a Parisian cafe in February of this year. He was given a suspended sentence (surprise, surprise) and a fine of €6000. The fine can be considered measly compared to how much Galliano would have earned, before he was sacked, at Dior and compared to the maximum fine of €22500 that could have been received for insulting someone's ethnicity or race in France.

 Aside from the court fine, Galliano is also expected to pay damages to his victims and five racism groups who raised complaints against him. What I am uncertain about is whether the sentence he received is enough. A plethora of people in the fashion industry believe that Galliano has paid the price already with the damage that the trial has caused to his career but I disagree. Kate Moss still had him design her wedding dress didn't she? How terribly his career must be doing after that.

 If you can't take the consequences of your actions, don't do them in the first place and certainly don't blame them on drugs as Galliano has gone on to do. Saying "Oh, I did say those nasty things but only because I was on drugs" obviously makes the situation a whole lot better...

 He's a talented man. I just hope he gets the help he needs to get his career back on track.
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