7 August 2011

The Fleet Street Fox: A very foxy update.

I first asked Lillys, who writes The Fleet Street Fox, a few questions back when she first started blogging. She was an over night success, she gets the amount of hits a day I could only dream of in a month. Now, with her merchandise store, apps and a book deal, she's a very busy lady but lucky old me managed to get a reply from her on a few further questions.

Hey Lillys,

I hope you are feeling suitably hungover for a Sunday morning. I just wanted to see if now you have got a book deal (congratulations!) whether you might be able to answer these few questions for a brief catch up for my blog.

Just to answer a lot of people's questions, Lillys Miles isn't your real name is it?
Nope, it's a psedonym chosen for dark and mystical reasons.

Are there people who do know your true identity as well as your alter foxy ego? Is it hard keeping your identity secret?
Yep. [and] Not generally; it is after I've met people. I worry slightly that I'll meet people as me and they'll put two and two together.

How did your book deal come about? You must be extremely excited!
Yes I am. I had a literary agent and he's been hawking it round, and I'm very glad Constable&Robinson got the gig. They're a great publishing house with a long list of successes.

What is the book about and when is it set to be released?
The book is my back story - how fleetstreetfox came to be. The autobiography of recent years, if you like. It should be out next June or July.

Another one which is on everyone's minds, will you keep blogging now that you have got your book deal?
Yes. Why not?

You have your book deal, apps, a foxy store, is there anything that you can't do or still have yet to accomplish?
I have not been to the moon and would quite like to, although I expect it would worry my mum.

Check out Lillys' blog at www.fleetstreetfox.com
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