News of the World hacks again.

Labour MP Chris Bryant
How Rebekah Brooks and James Murdoch wake up and look at themselves in the mirror every morning is unbeknown. Is lack of conscience, lack of heart or lack of emotions or the three of them thrown in together? 

Today a fierce conversation took place in Parliament about the goings on at News of the World, owned by the most powerful man in media, Rupert Murdoch. Labour MP Chris Bryant led the debate, and began the three-hour session by saying that News International had 'completely lost sight of any idea of decency' - possibly the biggest understatement of the year. 

It has come to light that News of the World not only hacked into celebrities voicemails, such as Sienna Miller, John Prescott, Alex Ferguson, but they hacked into the phones of victims of serious crimes. 

Mr Bryant said the families of victims of the 7/7 bombings, the anniversary of which falls tomorrow, were among those targeted. He added: 'In addition, I am told that police are looking at not just Milly Dowler's phone and those of the families of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, but the case of Madeleine McCann and 15-year-old Danielle Jones who was abducted and murdered in Essex in 2001 by her uncle Stuart Campbell.'

As a prospective journalist, I am horrified at News of the World and the News International corporation. Luckily, people who can really make a difference are taking a stand and voicing their disgust with the corporation.  The Halifax, Virgin Holidays and Butlins have said they will not be placing any adverts in the News of the World this weekend. 

I don't understand what could possibly go through these people's heads that makes them think it is okay to cross the fine line between public interest and invasion of privacy. No one in their right mind would want Holly Wells' and Jessica Chapman's parents phones to be hacked, in order for them to hear some juicy gossip, and if you would then you are completely sick. These people have been targeted at the most vulnerable times of their lives and have been utterly disrespected.

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