5 July 2011

Must haves: City breaks

Sorry this is day late, I spent Sunday in Brighton, yesterday down in the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells and in between those, I have been trying to sort out my bedroom, which looks like a bomb has hit it, after having moved everything back from London on Saturday. I'm not entirely certain how but I seem to have accumalated at least double the amount of stuff over the past nine months but I am certain that now my wardrobe now doesn't fit even half of my clothes and I am going to spend the whole of tomorrow whacking things up on eBay, with my fingers crossed that they sell for more than 99p.

Anyway, I'm off to Prague on Saturday - ridiculously excited! Hot city breaks are always pretty tricky to dress for I find. It's hot but there's no pool to strip off at and plunge yourself into. Smart dressing is the key to a happy, yet not sweaty, city break. Enjoy!

Woman's designer
 Isabel Marant
Otona backless linen tank

The boyfriend mid-rise stretch denim shorts

Woman's highstreet

Renewal @ Urban Outfitters
Levi's 501 turn up denim shorts