2 July 2011

Lessons learnt from my week at Wonderland.

My last day today was a good way to round off the week; it included giving opinions on Adam's sale shopping on Mr Porter, editing pieces for the website and writing more blurbs for the Wonderland TV short films. All in all this week has been a laugh, and I've learnt a lot about how a high fashion magazine really works. My last day also included a possible trip next week to Berlin - Adam had emailed a writer concerning interviewing a band and attending a Hugo Boss show next week and the guy still hadn't emailed back. So, at noon Adam turned to me and said "How would you feel about going to do this next week. Obviously everything would be paid for as would the article that you write." I literally nearly leapt out of my skin with excitement and then what goes and bloody happens - only the obvious - the writer emails Adam at 5pm accepting his commission and my trip to Berlin sails out of the window. Sad face.

My course this year has taught me how to write bog-standard, boring news stories which include little description or opinion so my week at Wonderland has got my creative juices flowing to say the least. Every tiny detail is thought about meticulously. I feel like I need to sit down with a thesaurus and increase my vocabulary ten fold.

Wonderland is a work of art. I don't care how pretentious or idiotic that sounds but you should see the work that goes into it amongst the cigarette breaks and Paris trip - "No they really do just get SO tiring" is what I got told earlier today. I would give an arm, a leg and possibly even all of my hair (if you know me well, you know how much it means to me) to be asked to go to Paris with all expenses paid.

Ultimately, the most important thing that I've learnt this week is that this is what I want to do. The level of creativity is insane, the people are interesting and the perks, which are ridiculously amazing - being flown around the world to see fashion shows and socialising with all these beautiful people AND then being sent gifts at the end of it - it's somewhat similar to a fairytale.
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