13 July 2011

The beginning of the end of Harry Potter.

Last Thursday, many weeping fans gathered for hours around Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square for the last ever Harry Potter premier that London will hold. The film is able to be seen be all from 12am Friday.

Whilst I couldn't be any less interested in the films nowadays, Harry Potter summarises the fantasies of our generation - was there anyone who honestly didn't cross their fingers, legs and toes, the year they turned eleven, in hope of receiving a letter from Hogwarts, asking them to go and study witchery/wizardry? Obviously mine must have got lost in the post somewhere as it never found its way through my letterbox.

Just as we have all grown up and moved on from Harry Potter, so has the cast. The frizzy-haired, english rose that is Emma Watson has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Daniel Radcliffe has developed and fought an alcohol addiction. And Rupert Grint still remains ginger.

What is next for the Harry Potter cast? I can imagine they all felt slightly anxious to what awaited them next as who can ever forget them as what they were bought into the acting world to do; be Harry, Hermonie and Ron.

However, no nerves are needed in their case as the parts are flowing in. Watson has just completed 'My Week with Marilyn', starring alongside Michelle Williams and Dominic Cooper which is out later this year. She is also in the midst of 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' which sees her with a more leading role, yet still not the lead.

Daniel Radcliffe is starring in broadway musical 'How To Suceed In Business Without Really Trying'. This is his second broadway performance after the revival of 'Equus' in 2008.

Rupert Grint is starring as the lead role of anti-war film 'Comrade' which is set to be released in 2012.

So if you feel a little bit sad over the next week, saying goodbye to the last 14 years that Harry Potter has dominated our summers and winters for, don't worry - it doesn't look like the HP stars are going anywhere anytime soon.
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