24 June 2011

No prudes here please.

If you are my mother, father or any relation of mine, it's probably best to stop reading here...

Give a little bit of alcohol, or a lot in our case, to a group of nine girls and information starts to ooze uncontrollably out of every pore. We played some drinking games and then got to a good one - Thumbs up, thumbs down. If you don't know how it works what happens is someone says two things and you put your thumbs up if you like the first one more or thumbs down if you like the second one. Who ever is in the minority then has to drink.

We started off with more placid categories such as 'coke or pepsi' but as we got further into the game, the more daring questions started rolling off my friends' tongues and all the rest of us were more than obliging to give a thumbs up or down in answer. When it got to 'doggy or missionary' and 'missionary or on top' came a shock. Still no one objected to not answering. Once everyone had answered, everyone began to give their reasoning for the choice of direction that they put their thumbs in.

How much information and detail is too much and why are we, as a generation of young women, so happy to give information about something which 50 years ago we would have been disowned for doing and shunned for talking about? There was a time when if you had sex outside of marriage, you were classed as a whore and you would never be married. And there we all were sitting round the table with our drinks and not only willing to tell everyone we have sex but how we like to do it. Maybe it was just the alcohol, but it's more than likely it wasn't.

Our small thumbs up and down sex talk is just another indicator for how much our society has changed within the past 50 or so years. Women's ambitions are no longer to get married and have a family, they are to have a high flying career and then a family when suits them. Women have sex for pleasure and not just to please their boyfriend or husband. Sex just isn't really a taboo subject anymore. I think it's a good thing - if you can't chat to your friends about your sex life, or lack of, then who can you talk to about it?
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