6 June 2011

Kate Middleton's McQueen wedding dress to go on display.

The news that the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding gown, designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, is to go on display at Buckingham Palace was announced this morning. Joining the dress will be Kate's veil, tiara, diamond earrings and wedding shoes as well as a replica of the muti-tierd wedding cake, created by cake designer Fiona Cairns. They will be on show during the summer opening between 23 July - 3 October.

I feel just the slightest bit sorry for Kate as no longer will she be able to relive her wedding day by trying on her gown and flouncing around her new Kensington palace apartment. Imagine having to give up your wedding dress so thousands of random people are able to ogle at what you wore when you made your love official rather than keeping it close to you and your heart.

I suppose she might not feel as attached to her wedding dress as most brides do. Had it of been me, that exquisite design would hang proudly somewhere for me to look at every day rather than being shipped off for everyone else to see. Maybe she doesn't have the choice or maybe she would just rather stick with her plain, dull dresses instead.
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