30 June 2011

Internship diary: Wonderland magazine. Day 3.

Wonderland today was certainly the most interesting of the few days that I've been here so far. At the end of the day, interns get shit jobs to do; the tedious ones, but the important thing is that you just grin and bear it, do the job and create a good reputation for yourself. I did some pretty cool stuff today. I wrote up Adam's hilarious interview that he did yesterday with Tracy Emin. He asked her if the exhibitions she creates are precious to her, to which she replied "Are you gay?". She also called the Louis Vuitton store a department store which we all had a laugh about.

I spent most of my day writing blurbs for the Wonderland TV part of their site, which is currently being relaunched at the moment. The videos are outstanding. I thought I would share my favourite two, even if I'm not allowed to reveal my blurbs. The first is directed by Rankin, who is a world renowned British photographer - his lense has seen everyone from Kate Moss to Damien Hirst. Staring Ben Barnes, the heart throb from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Rankin captures him in a totally different light. The video combines Ralph Lauren, Viktor & Ralph and a straitjacket by Angels plus the back track by Dels, creating a mesmerizing, abstract short film.   

The other one I am completely head over heels for is directed by Dutch photographer Joost Vanderburg for Wonderland. Beautiful Dutch model Tjin, from Ulla Models, naively explains his aspirations, or lack of in his case, and his outlook on life and his generation. The short film features Dutch designer Hyun Yeu’s S/S 2010 collection for his label ADO LES SCENTS.

After today I'm kind of sad that tomorrow is my last day and fingers crossed, they'll let me come back and intern again. 
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