29 June 2011

Internship diary: Wonderland magazine. Day 2.

Apologies for the lack of posts. I've been at my internship at Wonderland magazine this week and collapsing into bed straight away afterwards.

I didn't think it would be possible to be over-dressed for a fashion magazine internship for but turning up in my black maxi dress and the impossible stared right back at me through the eyes of some extremely unimpressed women who work here; mostly all of whom were wearing some form of denim and a tee. Adam Welch, Wonderland's editor, is a great guy though, really intelligent and default of the unpretentious attitude you expect from most working in fashion. The offices are quite small, and completely the opposite of what I was expecting, but sort of quirky.

So what do they do at Wonderland? They produce four issues a year so, ultimately, everything is pretty laid back with drama at the same time. They all seem to be talking to someone important on the telephone at all times, "God, the Vuitton (which is pronounced 'Vootton' not Vitton, just for your information) press office is such a nightmare, things can just never be simple!" or there is some sort of drama such a shoot of Tracy Emin being moved forward to today at 4pm rather than being in a few weeks time or the difficulty of that interview clashing with a Ralph Lauren event at Wimbledon and having 5 hours to find a photographer for that same interview.

A PR rang up and asked if anyone from the office wanted to go and see Robbie Williams today - obviously everyone declined...to be in the position to decline things that you don't like even though they are free! Clearly I have a lot to learn over the next three days that I am here.
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