15 June 2011

Hand in hand through their PARKLIFE.

Every time I set my foot down from London at Manchester Piccadilly station, I am always amazed at how bloody cold it is just a few hours north of London. Thursday night was no exception. I walked to my friend's halls shaking, teeth chattering and thinking how sensible I had been to bring a coat!

Manchester is geared for students in a way that London never could be. You can only dream of buying jaegerbombs for 80p in a London nightclub. I awoke, very hungover, on the Saturday morning with my dress stained with gravy from my midnight northern treat from the kebaby across from Owen's Park halls in Fallowfield. Like most evenings I've spent in Manchester, that one was no different, I managed to make a massive tit of myself just from being too drunk to control myself. By control I mean simple control mechanisms which are usually natural and not thought about like the ability to stand up.

I wallowed in self pity in my friend's bed at various friend's of hers walked in to chat about the plans for the day - I do always manage a marvellous first impression. Lunch and booze was on the cards. The thought of alcohol made me wretch but nevertheless we pulled ourselves out of bed and and got ready. 

We hit Parklife around 3. After my all-out brunch of a slice of toast and a milkshake, I sipped my first drink, that we had to queue for a good half an hour for, with care. After the first one, the second one was gulped - wahey I was fine again!

We headed to Mista Jam. I am one of those annoying girls who bombards my way to the front, dragging people behind me. I am short, okay? Unless I'm at the front, I can't see anything. This is probably why I don't get knocked out whilst pushing, people must just think "Awww, isn't she sweet." instead of getting too angry. I am ashamed to say I remember little of what he played, yet every tune had us dancing our little socks off. He ended the set with a remix of Adele's "Something like you" and that was that. Our first mini rave in the day done, and we wandered out into the light of day again. 

More drinks were downed, literally by my best friend who had fallen into the deathly habit of downing three jagerbombs at the bar then taking her cider with us which I ultimately threw over each crowd we were in.

I am ashamed to say that after the second visit to the bar, I can't remember vivid details. I remember we saw Jamie xx, who wasn't as good as I was expecting, Caspa, who provided a good dance for us all, High contrast, who was brilliant as ever and a song or two from Katy B before we got bored.

The highlight for me was the Hospitality tent in the evening. We headed to the front barrier during Danny Byrd, who was class and then stayed there until the end. We were probably the only people raving at the front who weren't on some sort of drugs with our pupils dilated, obviously excluding alcohol. Fresh b2b Brookes Bros came on after I think. Well, I am not entirely sure but whoever they were, they were really good. We continued raving, various people left our sides and pushed their way forward next to them throughout. I love it when you make friends with the person next to you in a crowd. You have a little dance together and next thing you know you can ask for cigarettes, water, and other cheeky things. 

Then there was Netsky. There are no words to be found to describe the atmosphere, the raving and the electricity in that tent during that hour. There was such a gorgeous moment when Netsky hugged Danny Byrd and said "How the fuck did this all happen!". He won my heart the moment he uttered those words. He crowd dived towards the end of his set and he took off from right over us. 

At the end of the set, as the crowds dispersed, we spyed Netsky coming back down to the stage so we went over to get a hug, kiss and photo. What a lovely guy. What a fucking fantastic day. 

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