30 May 2011

Who is the Fleet Street Fox?

Lillys Miles has been causing a bit of a stir in the blogging world. She is an anonymous blogger who writes for a tabloid newspaper and started up her blog Fleet Street Fox almost two months a go with the hope of getting her voice heard by the right people. With over 50,000 hits a day, this cunning fox is clearly doing something very right.

I first heard about her Fleet Street Fox blog in a privacy and ethics lecture I had last week where her 'letter to the famous' post was read out. It was witty to say the least. It was fresh and bold. It is what the world wants to say to celebrities but no one has the balls to do it, and if they have done, it hasn't been as big as this.

I emailed Miss Foxy to see if she had any advice and to my suprise, she emailed me straight back - something which is extremely rare for successful bloggers to do. Sorry if you were expecting me to reveal her true identity, that isn't going to happen but I did manage to get a very brief insight into her busy life at the moment.

How long have you been a journalist for?
More than a decade. Since I left school. 

Why did you decide to start writing your blog and how did you chose which topic to write about?
I want a newspaper column and this seemed a good way to advertise my skills. I write about the water cooler story of the day, or sometimes just what gets my attention. 

What is the favourite post you have blogged in your two months that you have been blogging?
Probably the superinjunctions one. It got the most hits and was legally the trickiest because I couldn't ID anyone, but at the same time I think I found a way to report more than anyone else had on the topic. 

Where do you see yourself blogging wise in the next 6 months, and 5 years down the road?
God knows.

What is the ultimate Goal for a blogger in your opinion?
Being paid for it.

Any specific tips you have for new bloggers who want to make it in the blogosphere?
Do what you feel and don't copy anyone else. there's a lot of twats out there blogging - be different.
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