11 May 2011

The Sweetest Thing About Cameron Diaz.


Last night I decided to watch The Sweetest Thing, a film I haven't seen for a long time. It's funny to say the least. It's silly. It was exactly what I was in the mood for after a long, busy day. If you haven't seen it, you should do, even if it is only to see Diaz's washboard abs or the song which goes "Your penis packs a wallop,Your penis brings a load, And when it makes a delivery, It needs its own zip code, Nine - double zero - penis" which is in the midst of a Chinese restaurant and obviously, the entire restaurants joins in, somehow miraculously knowing all of the lyrics and dance moves. It sounds crude, but it is refreshing. It's a pretty old film, but it puts across many ideas which people are still doing today; it empowers women and their sex lives.

Once the film had finished, I felt less stressed and opened my subscriber's Elle issue and guess who was on the front? Cameron Diaz of course. The interview and feature article which is in this months issue is a breath of fresh air. Diaz is possibly one of the most inspiring women of our time. She has a career that most actresses would die for. She has been in the spotlight since she was a teenager, yet she has never had a Lindsey Lohan moment, turned to drugs or rushed into a marriage. When asked about marriage Diaz, 38, claims she feels no pressure to get married or have children, "People are always asking me, "Do you want to get married? Do you want children? If that's part of what I want, at any poin in my life - and who knows, it might be - then that'll be that." For most women over 30, their body clock alarm bells would be ringing, they might feel that they have to have children just to make sure that they can, but not Cameron Diaz. She seems to be the least cynical and stable celebrity that I have ever read an interview about.

Cameron Diaz is starring in a film called Bad Teacher with Justin Timberlake. I saw the trailer at the cinema the other day and realised the fact that they used to date. It might have been some time ago but I am sure there are many other actresses who would not choose to work, for as long as it takes to make a film, with one of their exes, even if they did split on the great terms. "Life is long why would you ever want to live in the past when you can live in the present and allow the future to be bright and happy and exciting?" said Diaz to Elle's journalist.

Not only does she have this ludicrously exhilirating personality, she has the most beautiful smile, ice blue coloured eyes, and a body to die for. "I have, never, ever watched what I eat in my life but I do now. I am very thoughtful about what I eat." said Diaz. This is depressingly impressive seeing as a lot women, myself included, learn to calorie count from a young age.

I think everyone could do with taking a leaf out of Cameron Diaz's books. An ounce of her no regret, living in the moment personality would keep anyone happy.

Bad Teacher is out on 24th June in the UK.
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