24 May 2011

A super injunction can't gag everyone tweetheart.

Anyone who didn't know what a super injunction was before this previous week is certain to be more au fait with the term now. Just in case, a super injunction is taken out by an individual,and passed by a judge acting on article 8 of the Human Rights Act, to prevent personal matters being made public and published in the news.

A certain footballer is currently suing Twitter for the 62,000 people it allowed to reveal his identity concerning an affair that he had with Imogen Thomas. You must have literally been hiding away in a cave if you have no clue to what I am going on about. If you don't know who the footballer is then simply have a look at Twitter where there are tweets unveiling the 'family man' footballer.

Papers are making a mockery of the footballer, putting his photo on the front page with little reason and probing at his and his wife's relationship.

The Daily Mail held a survey on Sunday concerning the footballers identity. 35 people out of 80 were able to name and shame the footballer which is a fairly high percentage. It suggests that super injunctions are clearly not worth the pennies.

It is crazy to think that we live in a world where you can be so rich that you can protect yourself from almost everything. If you do something wrong, you should be ready for what is going to come back around and bite you hard on the arse rather than paying to have your
reputation untainted.
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