14 May 2011

Pretty Witty Cakes: A Taste Of Heaven.

Suzi Witt's cupcake business has been flourishing over the past year. Suzi has gone from being a busy city lawyer to starting a business from scratch, doing it extremely well. She is a great example to anyone wanting to drastically change their career direction.

I worked for Suzi during my gap year when she was starting up her company and I was always completely astonished at the cakes that she produced. To this day I still can't get my head around how she manages to get the cupcakes perfectly flat. I believe it took more than a few batches to work it out! The time and effort that went into the decorating was impressive. Suzi's attention to detail is impeccable. This is what makes her cupcakes so fantastic and a level above all others.

When Suzi was first trying different flavours, I luckily got to take four wonderfully decorated apple flavoured cupcakes home and my gosh, the flavours set off fireworks and there was exactly the right amount of icing. Her creativity knows no ends. Now Suzi is sharing her marvellous creations with others from her large kitchen, based in Crowborough, where she holds classes.

The cupcake classes she currently holds are:
Cupcake Basics – for the beginner or those who need a refresher.
Beautiful Flowers - for beginners and intermediate level.
Wedding and Party Cupcakes: - for beginners and intermediate level.
Novelty Cupcakes: – for beginners and intermediate level.
Retro/Vintage Stencilling and Royal Piping – for beginners and intermediate level.  
The Cupcake Business Class: for anyone wanting to know how to quickly set up and run a successful cupcake business from home.

Classes are £135 for the day, except for the business class which is £150. Suzi has also set up a an online shop for cupcake equipment. Visit her website for more information.
Lisa said...

I went to Suzi's basics class and it was such an amazing day. I am definitely going back for more. I'm trying to rope my friends into it, I'm sure they would love it!

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