5 May 2011

Our Future, Our Vote.

Today is the day we can change our future for the better. There hasn't been a national referendum for 36 years. Those aged 18 -30 are the generation of the future and it is really important that everyone makes the effort to get to a polling station today. If you don't have time, make time. Polling stations close at 10pm this evening.

First past the post used to work well when the two largest parties were voted for with up to 95% of the votes but in more recent years, there hasn't been more than 60% of votes for the largest two parties.  Then the rest of the votes are broken up between considerably less popular parties.

If you say no to the AV vote today, you will be saying yes to more coalitions, and more confused politics. You only have to have been reading the news for the past year to see the problems that a coalition brings. If the majority votes come in tomorrow as no to AV, the UK will not see changes to the voting system for a long time.

In my opinion, first past the post is an archaic way of voting. AV is up to date and much more simple. If you vote yes today, at the next election in May 2015, you would simply list your candidates in your prefered order, with as many or few candidates that you want. If your first vote and favoured candidate, your 2nd candidate or 3rd is still counted, so everyone gets some sort of input in the future government rather than just putting one cross in one box for one candidate. It would make voting fairer and more accurate. The AV would open up the prospect of even further reform in the future too.

The bad bits about the AV are that FPTP is more simple, but AV is not that complicated. The AV may cost us extra money, but that is not certain. It may disadvantage the candidate with the most first preference votes as they could lose out in later rounds. AV could possibly reduce the number of safe seats. Even with these points, if you are want to make a big difference, there are going to have to be some sacrifices had to improve out country.

The AV is not perfect, but it is a step in the right direction. Go now, from wherever you are, to your nearest polling station and cast your vote for our future. Our future is counting on us to make it a better place.
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