2 May 2011

Must Haves: The Day The World's Most Wanted Man Was Bought To Justice.

What a funny start to the week. Osama Bin Laden who has been wanted for as long as I can remember, and he is now apparently dead. US forces killed him in Pakistan early this morning with two shots to Osama's head. They have taken hold of his body and buried it at sea to keep in practice with the 24 hour Islamic demands and also so that a grave would not be given the chance to become a shrine. There are no doubt now going to be repercussions to Osama's death. A lot of closure will be found from relatives of victims of 9/11 which seems like so many moons ago now.

The older you get, the faster time goes and this Easter has been no exception. It is time for everyone to head back to university and get stuck into their revision, exams and final few weeks until Summer. What a fantastic month it has been; pub lunches, nights out, dinners, shopping, hanging out in the park in the sun. The unexpected weather has continued to keep moods sunny and work undone. I can't wait for the summer when there will be no work playing with my conscience.

This week I tried to embrace brights but found it was too big a step on from my extremely neutral/black.grey wardrobe. I managed some pastel shade skirts which I will put up later on in the week as the vintage sale on Friday was too fantastic to not share,

Enjoy my must haves for this week...

Women's Designer

J Brand
Capri Jeans

Women's Highstreet

American Apparel
Sleeveless Lace Chiffon Dress In Peach
Men's Designer

Ralph Lauren
Washed Cotton Shorts

Men's Highstreet

Raglan Crew Neck Sweatshirt

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