22 May 2011

Must Haves: 22/05/11

Like other atheists around the world, I would love to have seen Harold Camping's face at 18.32 on Saturday. Jesus was no where to be seen and true believers feet were still firmly on the ground. No rapture happened. I didn't see any non-believers dropping to the ground dead either. What a load of bollocks.

What isn't bollocks though is the high winds which are coming in the next week. Wind speed is set to hit 70mph in northern parts of the country! Time to get your winter wardrobe and umbrellas back out.

Women's Designer

Burberry London
Wool and cashmere-blend trench coat
Bayswater ostrich bag

Women's Highstreet

Pleated mini dress in block colour

Men's Designer

Polo Ralph Lauren
Denim hoodie

Men's Highstreet

American Apparel
Salt and Pepper hoody in peppered grey

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