16 May 2011

Must Haves: 16/5/2011

University is nearly over for the Summer, and for some it already is. I wish I could sleep through the next two weeks, waking up on 3rd June when it's all over. It doesn't look like that's realistically possible, so unless I want to redo this year again, it is time to buckle down and get into revision mode. If this was A levels, I probably would have started weeks ago but considering it's only first year exams, two weeks should be plenty! And there is always online shopping to ease the pain...

These are my must haves for this week, enjoy...

Women's Designer

Yves Saint Laurent
Y Leather Envelope Clutch
Women's Highstreet

Tulip Skirt Dress

Men's Designer

Lyle & Scott
Classic Navy Swim Shorts

Men's Highstreet

Renewal @ Urban Outfitters
Pop Raincoat
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