8 May 2011

Made In Chelsea: Another Trash TV Series.

I found a copy of Heat magazine on the kitchen table yesterday and decided to have a casual flick through over breakfast. This admittedly is fairly shameful, Heat is full of celebrity gossip and utter rubbish. There isn't one informative article on anything other than famous people. As I flicked through, I realised I didn't even recognise half of the so called 'celebrities'. Who the hell is Lydia Rose Bright? I should have realised with a name like that, she was from the, dare I say it, 'cast' of the most terrible TV show The Only Way Is Essex. I've tuned into about ten minutes out of the two series' which have been broadcast and I just frankly couldn't understand how this utter crap has become an overnight phenomenon. The terms 'vajazzle' and 'reem' are now widely used and photo after photo keep popping up on facebook with someone from the cast and the person with an elated smile on their face.

My friends say that is is so rubbish that it is brilliant. I, however, can not bare to watch these people, who have no talent, talk to each other in a way which is completely unnatural, because they can't act any better than they can succesfully fake tan themselves without looking like something out of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. I had 28 notifications from my group What's App chat with friends the other day and they were all about TOWIE. I called them lame but at the end of the day, I was the odd one out. I quickly thought thank God it's all over until the next series in September...

That was until I opened my Evening Standard. In front of me, there was a double spread on Channel 4's own take on TOWIE but with posh twats instead. Sorry if this seems harsh but by the end of the first episode everyone will be thinking it. What can there possibly be that is interesting to watch about some rich kids swan around London with nothing to do except say 'Rah' occasionally and retreat to their parent's country houses which are probably 5 times the size of any ordinary persons' only house. Even the ones who claim to have their own businesses, which were probably set up by their parents, manage to have enough free time to be busy doing little for the show. 

The Chelsea socialites may have slightly better dress sense and more expensive things than the TOWIE lot, but that doesn't mean to say they are likely to show any more talent. Dramas will be made out of the smallest things that haven't have gone their way and then Daddy will probably just sort it out for them anyway. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to stereotype all Chelsea socialites. I am sure that this pitiful show will do that all by itself...
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