Kate Middleton takes fashion slave to a sweat shop level.

"Kate Middleton's Reiss Dress Sells Out!", "Kate effect helps drive fashion sales!", "Duchess of Cambridge effect sparks internation buying frenzy over dress" and many more headlines hit the news this week after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met with the Obamas during their visit to the UK.

It has come to light today that Kate's fabulously understated, and in my opinion dull, dress was made by women who are paid less than 99p an hour. This is under the average pay for textile workers in the eastern european nation of Romania where the dress was made.

Kate is always praised for her ability to dress herself and the fact that she is able to, like all other women on the planet, do her own make up and hair. When Kate wore the £175 Reiss Shola dress this week, the dress sold out after hours of her photo being published in the news.

The excitement for Reiss' sales team is a million miles away from the pitiful working conditions of the 170 workers, who make the dresses for clothing firm Rimcor Ex. The materials for the dress were thought to be worth a mere £15.

Reiss, a British clothing company, has become one of the Duchess' favourite brands since the wedding and has yet to make a statement.

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