29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding In Photos.

Congratulations Will and Kate! True to my word, I didn't venture out into the enormous crowds that swarmed the wedding route and most of London today. Instead I went to the fantastic vintage sale in Shoreditch, and we were the only ones there for a good hour! We did catch a bit of it on a screen in Covent Garden and the spitfires zoomed over our heads. We were so taken back that we didn't get a chance to catch any photos which was a shame. Sky + is about to become my new best friend.

Luckily for me, an amazing photographer who goes to my University did. All photos are © Tolga Akman. Please find his details below for permission to use them.

Tolga Akman has been doing all sorts of press photography since he was 15. He was born and lived in Turkey until he was 18. LCC gave him an opportunity to understand his 4 years of experience.His course has turned him into a photographer full of passion and with no limits. Last year Tolga carried out work experience in South London Press as photographer. He is working freelance for Turkish and UK press. For contact and permission please email t.akmen1@lcc.arts.ac.uk

Below is a certain treat. This was not taken by Tolga Akmen...but some pervert on facebook. It probably wasn't worth picking up whatever you dropped Kate!

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