25 April 2011

Must Haves: 25/4/11

Never have I seen such a gorgeous bank holiday weekend. All cases of SAD have been put on hold for a while. Saturday equalled a barbecue, Sunday equalled a barbecue and you will never guess what lunch will be today...Luckily I finished the bitch of an essay that we were given to do over Easter early on last week, so I have been able to relish the fantastic weather that is going to cost us our Summer.

Whilst the weather is fine, most British men are not. Any excuse to strip down to as little as possible and British men jump on it. Before you even have the chance for witty repartee regarding the delightful weather, the man has whipped off his shirt, displaying his pasty, white, untoned body and several distasteful tattoos. Tourists must have had the shock of their lives with so many half naked men paroling the streets of England this weekend. Cover it up lads and save it for the privacy of your back gardens please!

These are my must haves, enjoy!

Woman's Designer
Miu Miu
Leather Trimmed Raffia Satchel

Woman's Highstreet

Colour Block Knitted Dress

Men's Designer

Canvas Espadrilles

Men's Highstreet

Stone Open Weave Straw Hat

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