18 April 2011

Must Haves: 18/04/11

I'm on my third week of my month off Uni and I am missing London.I miss the chaos! I miss Topshop Oxford street and American Apparel on Portobello. I miss the hectic feeling; I feel so relaxed at home but it is too relaxed, if there is such a thing.

I'm loving having my little figaro back on the road though. I forgot the freedom you feel when you are driving. I forgot about being able to travel without having your head in someone's armpit at rush hour on the tube.

Not being in London makes me feel out of some sort of loop. Everything is happening in London whilst very little is happening in Tunbridge Wells. There's a lack of people with style which is really odd! I think that is what I miss most. A lot of people in London are inspired with the way they dress and they are inspiring.

Enjoy my must haves for this week...

Woman's Designer

Fred Perry
Chambray Shirt Dress

Woman's Highstreet

Off White Patent Mary Jane Platform Shoes

Men's Designer

Mumbai Belted Knee Length Shorts

Men's Highstreet

American Apparel
Flannel Long Sleeve Button Up Shirt in Baby Blue

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