20 March 2011

Must Haves: 20/3/11

I promised myself I wouldn't shop last week. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. I ended up giving money to the Red Cross fund for Japan and Comic Relief, and shopped. All three made a big dent in my bank balance but the first two for good reason, the third I am ashamed to say was because I have no self-control. I even did the classic leaving the shop and having to go back to buy what I tried on. NEVER try on anything you think you might really want if you don't want to end up buying it. It is just not possible to love something, try it on, put it back and walk out. You will end up doing what I did - walking out the shop feeling very clever for not buying it but then not being able to stop thinking about the certain skirt/dress/top and going back and buying it anyway. On a week where you aren't supposed to shop my advice is just don't go bloody near any shops. If only I could listen to my own advice just once in a while...

Here are my must haves for this week.

Woman's Designer

Jil Sander
High Waist Skirt

Woman's Highstreet

Black Scallop Stripe Bikini

Men's Designer

Ralph Lauren Black Label
Denim Shirt

Men's Highstreet

Chino Roll Up Shorts

Lioness said...

LOL! Love the wit!

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