1 March 2011

Must Haves: 1/3/11

Paris fashion week has certainly had better starts than it has this year. John Galliano was fired from Dior today for anti-semitic comments which were recorded. He was filmed saying "People like you ought to be dead, your mothers, your forefathers would all be f*cking gassed. I love Hitler" to two Italian women. The women weren't even Jewish. At least Dior has acted in the right way, showing that even the highest of designers can not escape prosecution for completely out of order behaviour. About bloody time a celebrity was used an example instead of being allowed to get away with almost everything, like most celebrities are.

Anyway, rant over. Here are my must haves for this week. Enjoy.

Woman's Designer

Winter Kate
Devi Dress in Silk Jacquard with Blouson Sleeves

Woman's High Street

Stripe Bow Back Dress

Men's Designer

Steve Mcqueen Folding Sunglasses

Men's Highstreet

6.0 Braata Premium Trainers

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