16 March 2011

How Far Would You Go For The Perfect Child?

On Sunday David and Victoria Beckham's spokesperson announced they are expecting  baby girl this summer. After three boys (Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz) it would be anyone's guess that the Beckham's next child would turn out to be a girl, but there has been speculation whether or not they were willing to take that chance.

Whether people like it or not, designer babies are now a reality.  'Designer' is just a colloquial phrase and you wouldn't hear a scientist using it. The more politically correct term for these sorts of babies is genetically engineered or manipulated babies. 'Genetically engineering' or 'manipulating' sounds so wrong. I myself prefer designer. However wrong it is, I might be able to get my head around 'designing' my baby. Actually maybe not. You design dresses, handbags, shoes...not people. It makes these babies out to be nothing more than objects which can be retouched to your every whim.  This is human beings we are talking about, I do not believe that people should be allowed to interfere with nature apart from when it benefits people in an non-shallow way.

The first genetic trait to be manipulated with babies was disease. The first genetically modified baby born in Britain was designed to be free of breast cancer. All of the female family relatives had had a fast spreading and hard to treat type of breast cancer and the parents wanted to free their children from the same disease.

The next sort of genetic trait to be played around with and changed was gender and nowadays gender selection is a big business (cue the Beckhams). "Dr. Steinberg, Director at The Fertility Institutes, claims that they are performing on the order of 10 gender selection fertilizations every week, each for a fee of $18,400.  Although In Vitro Fertilizations were originally designed to help parents that were unable to conceive children naturally, Steinberg says that a staggering 70% of their clients have absolutely no difficulty conceiving children, coming to the Institute purely for opportunity to choose the sex of their baby." (http://singularityhub.com/)

Your children are part of you and surely you should simply love them no matter what they are like. They may have brown eyes when you would rather blue or be a bit short rather than tall with gorgeously long legs, but that doesn't mean that parents should love them any less. I think this kind of thing just shows what a sick, twisted world we live in. 
deborah said...

Couldn't agree more!

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