27 February 2011

"Well, when in Rome..." "But we aren't in Rome, we're in Amsterdam?!"

My favourite wrong photo from the Sex Museum

I've been in Amsterdam for the weekend with my boyfriend. We were greeted at Schipol with grey skies and rain but nothing could dampen our spirits. Some places just don't suit moody weather and Amsterdam is one of them. The cheery people, happy moods and barrels of laughs make it seem like there should be sun all year round. Amsterdam never fails to entertain, no matter how many times you visit. Even my parents still visit every so often. There's something for everyone; beautiful scenery, good restaurants, shops and interesting museums; the Sex Museum wins hands down against Van Gogh. Then there's also the more recreational side; great bars, chilled out coffee shops with the best weed that you can find and the red light district caters for the adventurous, lucrative types.

If only the UK could be so relaxed. I don't think it would ever happen. Imagine walking out of Topshop Oxford street and getting a whiff of weed, knowing that you can purchase some over the counter, just around that corner. Imagine walking around as high as a kite, trying to get a tube or trying to doge bicycles and buses - everything is slightly more amusing to you. Just imagine how people in London would change if they could openly go for a cheeky joint in a coffee shop after work. The chaos would relax. The stress would ease. Obviously there are masses of people who do do this anyway but how much better would it be if it was allowed. There would be no secret passing money under tables to people you don't really know. You would know what you were getting. Dutch people are given respect and freedom, they show respect back. Would that work in the UK? Probably not.

As we landed  back from our third trip to Holland, the weather in London was just as miserable...as was the man on the seat next to me and my boyfriend after having to sit through an hour of us play fighting. You're only as old as you feel, right? I'm 20 going on 5 whilst he was 60 going on 100. I wonder what he had been up to in Amsterdam...
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