18 February 2011

The Naked Flame...And Some Naked Men.

Men, look away, unless you like looking at pictures of other naked men, in which case keep reading. This installation's simplicity and naked men has certainly caught my eye. The exhibition called 'The Naked Flame' by Will Rodger Hiorn is on show at the Southbank Centre, London. The simplicity of the exhibition is fascinating. When it comes to both the installation and the three naked art students, who take it in turns to perch upon the bench naked by the flame, less is certainly more. 25-year-old art student Andrew McAulay 25, Martin Sekera, 20, and Joseph Leppard, 22 were all selected by the Turner Prize nominated  Hiorns to be on show in his latest work. 

All three students will turn up, without warning, to take their place on the bench next to the fire. Whilst this makes it harder to catch a glimpse of the attractive art students, it certainly makes sure that the installation is not purely about them. It is so much more than that; the installation is part of Untitled (2005-10), a work which 35-year-old Hiorns has called 'a collaboration of choreography and objects'. 

The exhibition will run at the Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre, London until 17th April before it moves to Glasgow (May 28-August 21) and Plymouth (September 17-December 4).

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