7 February 2011

Must Haves: 7/02/2011

My illness seems to have almost vanished over night - easy come, easy go. I've had a massive wardrobe clear out; my rule is if you haven't worn it in the past six months then you aren't likely to wear it in the next six months either. I always have to try my hardest not to get too upset when I sell clothes I've worn a few times for ten times less than the price I bought them for. I then just think of all the new clothes I am going to buy to fill the space and very quickly I'm happy again.

Enjoy my must haves for this week. Next week is a Valentines special!

Woman's Designer

Boutique by Jaeger
Dot Flower Print Dress
This dress is beautiful. The quaint flower pattern, the sixties style shape, the nipped in waist and the pleated skirt make this dress perfect. It's also very affordable. That's what I love most about Boutique by Jaeger, the cut price of the main brand but no visible cut backs to the gorgeous designs. Find this dress and the rest of the fantastic collection at Boutique by Jaeger.

Lulu Guinness
Stone Faux Croco Leather Bag
I love this bag. It would be perfect with any outfit . It has a timeless chicness about it. Bag this at Lulu Guiness.

Woman's Highstreet

Full Skirted Jacquard Dress
Understated beauty sums up this dress. The capped sleeves and faux leather belt complete this iconic dress perfectly. Buy it at Dahlia.

Men's Designer

Fred Perry
Breton Stripe T-shirt
Fred Perry delivers again. The bold contrasting stripes are guaranteed to turn heads. Visit Fred Perry to buy this t-shirt.

Men's Highstreet

Stripe Crew Neck T-shirt
Same style as the Fred Perry,  just different colours with no motif but half the price. For those on a smaller budget, this top is a definate cheap buy which would last you through many seasons. There is, rather suspiciously, an American Apparel jumper with exactly the same pattern, but that too is around triple the price. Grab this bargain t-shirt at Asos.

Jade said...

I've got my eye on that cream Dahlia dress! x

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