21 February 2011

Must Haves: 21/02/11

London Fashion Week has arrived. I, however, have not. I was invited to a friends event which I decided not to attend. Although I can't remember why. Unfortunately my only other way in was handing out flyers which could have got me into Somerset house, but I wouldn't have really been there to enjoy the clothes. So until can get an internship/job which will really get me in just to look at all the marvellous clothes and nothing else, I won't be going.

Instead I have been avidly looking at all the clothes from the comfort of my bed/sofa and have still found the time to search for those must have pieces for the week! Enjoy.

Woman's Designer

Cotton and Linen Blend Dress
I can't fail to love this French designer considering it's my initials and all. Fashionable and comfortable - it's not something which occurs often. A nipped in waist with a nautical touch makes it stylish yet simple. It will be cool in the Summer; perfect paired with some tan sandals and a cropped denim jacket. Buy it at A.P.C.

Suede Wrap Sandals
How gorgeous would these sandals be with a pair of denim shorts and loose cream tee in the summer. Bliss. After months of claiming I was ready curl up in big jumpers and leggings, I am so ready for summer, sandals and sun. Buy these at Net A Porter.

Woman's Highstreet

Pleat Dress
This beige dress is gorgeous. The material flows beautifully. Pleats make it perfect for this season and the elasicated waist adds a fabulous finishing touch and it also makes it very flattering. Buy it at Love.

Urban Outfitters
Triple Corsage Headband

With summer clothes comes summer accessories. This is cute and it's something different from the sashes people are always wearing in their hair at moment; most look alright but there are several people I know who really just can't pull them off, yet they still constantly try. I would also be one of those if I did. Buy this at Urban Outfitters.

Men's Designer

Viktor & Rolf
Cotton Crew Neck Sweater
I'm not entirely sure what I like so much about this jumper except that I just like it. There are always a few things like that where you can't pin point what it is about them that you like. Buy it at Mr Porter, but if you haven't got exclusive members access yet, you will have to wait until tomorrow when the website is officially launched.

Men's Highstreet

Multi Fairisle Crew Sweatshirt
Men can't go wrong with Grandpa jumpers and this is a great choice at a ridiculously cheap price. Pretty sure that if this was a woman's jumper it would cost a good £20 extra in Topshop. Get this at Topman.

Melanie said...

Thanks for the heads up dear! Unfortunately I'm from up north, but if I ever take a spontaneous trip to London, I'll be sure to stop by. In the meantime I shall carry on with my poor DIY skills ;)
Lovely blog btw! Chloe sandals are gorge! x

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